What a party to be able to photograph for Bio-Bandits! BioBandits has been making organic sauces and dressings since 2011. All sauces are 100% organic but with the idea that it can be damn tasty. The products are completely sugar free and vegan. The range is for sale at Albert Heijn. For more information, visit:


PLASTIC VEGETABLES is a photographic series based on the medium STILL LIFE, but in this case garnished with packaged vegetables. The series is based on the way of working painted still lifes in the 17th century. As an extra, the still life is combined with the old objects, in collaboration with packaged vegetables. When you walk into a supermarket, most probably don't even notice that almost every vegetable is wrapped in cellophane or plastic. We have become accustomed to fruit and vegetables that are too beautiful. This wrapping culture and beautification cult are, in my opinion, completely superfluous.